Cypher Effect: The Normandy

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Cypher System, Mass Effect, Roleplaying Games, RPG

Mass Effect Starships for the Cypher System
Important Stuff first!
Firstly the Cypher System is property of Monte Cook Games.
The Mass Effect Trilogy is property of Bioware.
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Spoilers for the Mass Effect Trilogy follow.

SSV Normandy SR-1                 Level 4(12)me_normandy1

A prototype vessel which was conceived as a cooperative venture between the Earth Alliance and Turien Hierarchy, the Normandy was designed as a deep scout ship, utilising a unique drive core and stealth technology to gather information on enemy assets.  

Type: Systems Alliance Space Vehicle Stealth Reconnaissance Frigate-1, Normandy Class.

Bridge Crew: 1 Pilot Station, 1 Co-pilot station.

Weapon Systems: 3 (Two Offensive, One Hybrid Defence/Offence)
Javelin Disruptor Torpedoes. Forward 180 degree arc.
These torpedoes create a powerful resonating mass effect field that is capable of ripping its target into shreds.
Spinal Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Forward 45 degree arc.
Utilises electromagnetic energy and mass effect fields to fire a ferrous slug at relativistic speeds.
GARDIAN Laser Network. 360 degree sphere, short range.
General ARea Defense Integration Anti-spacecraft Network. An array of point defence laser turrets primarily designed for projectile and fighter acquisition. Provides a one Step Asset to Ranged Attacks versus fighter craft. At close range the GARDIAN system can be used against other warships.

Kinetic Barrier.
Kinetic barrier technology provides a one Step Asset to all Defence tasks while it is active.
GARDIAN Lasers (Defence).  
General ARea Defense Integration Anti-spacecraft Network. This array of laser turrets is designed to guard against incoming projectiles and fighter support. The GARDIAN lasers provide a one Step asset to Defence tasks versus incoming missiles and kinetic projectiles.

Stealth Systems:
Instead of dissipating heat into space the Normandy is capable of a high level of emission control, constraining any thermal buildup in lithium heat sinks within the hull. When the Stealth systems are engaged, the Normandy has a two Step Asset to all Tasks involving Stealth. This system can be engaged for two to three hours while the ship is active before the excess heat must be vented or it will cook everyone inside the ship. If the Normandy is put into minimal power mode, it can drift passively for 2-3 days until the heat must be discharged.
Note: While this reduces the chances of being detected at range, this system does not provide any protection against visual detection. Anyone looking out a viewport or cockpit will see the ship just fine.

SSV Normandy SR-2              Level 6(18)

After the destruction of the SR-1, the Normandy was later recreated by the human survivalist paramilitary faction Cerberus and eventually reclaimed by the Systems Alliance. The much larger SR-2 was then further augmented with alien tech, making it a formidable warship in its own right, expanding it’s role past that of a scouting vessel.

Type: Systems Alliance Space Vehicle Stealth Reconnaissance Frigate-2
Normandy Class (Alliance Refit)

The SR-2 contains all the technology of the SR-1 with the following improvements:

Thanix Cannon. Forward 45 degree arc.
Replacing the Magnetic Accelerator cannon, the Turien developed Thanix cannon fires super heated molten metal in an electromagnetic containment field in a tight beam. Salvaged from Reaper tech, this powerful weapon provides a one Step Asset to all Ranged Attacks made with it.

Cyclonic Barrier Technology.
The C.B.T. system encases the ship in a whirling field of energy, shunting aside damaging impacts like a human would swat a fly. In addition to the usual benefits of having a kinetic barrier, once per combat encounter the C.B.T. system enables the Normandy to ignore the effects of a failed Defence roll.

Silvaris Heavy Armour.
Developed by the Asari, the Silvaris heavy armour system consists of ablative material and plates that compress into a harder than diamond material, greatly reducing the damage from incoming energy and kinetic weapons fire. The Silvaris armour provides a one Step Asset to any Task involving repairing a ship subsystem, representing its damage absorption capabilities.

***Classified, Spectre Clearance Only***
EDI (Unshackled A.I.)  Level 6(18)
Short for Enhanced Defence Intelligence, EDI was initially believed to be a Virtual Intelligence, however it ultimately transpired she is an example of true Artificial Intelligence, breaking several Systems Alliance laws in the process. Originally created by Cereberus, portions of her capabilities were shackled to prevent her from taking over the Normandy on a whim. These restrictions were removed in extremis just prior to the battle on the Collector Base. She is an integral part of the SR-2s computer mainframe and after the events of the war against the Collectors a trusted member of the crew.
EDI provides a one Step Asset on all Attack and Defence tasks relating to all Computer, Electronic Counter Measures and Cyberwarfare tasks in relation to the Normandy. In an emergency she is capable of running the Normandy single handedly, but she suffers a one Step penalty to all Tasks as her systems are stretched to capacity.

Note: This post uses the narrative Vehicular Combat rules from the Cypher System Rulebook P.215.


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