Starship for Cypher System: The Century Peregrine

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Cypher System, RPG
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In honour of receiving my Into the Night PDF for Numenera and inspired by a fellow Cypher System fan Troy Pichelman, here’s a fun little something I cooked up. Please check out the links at the bottom of the page for various sources and systems I pay homage to. šŸ™‚

Name: Century Peregrine

Type: Light Freighter

Level: 5(15)

Health: 20

Crew Minimum: 2 (Pilot, Co Pilot.)

Passengers: 6

Armour:Ā 2

Shield Rating: 1
(The Shield rating is added to Armour for the purposes of damage resistance, however Shields, while active, are also effective against Ambient Damage, which usually ignores Armour.)

Special:Ā ‘Shields, Double front!’ As an action, the Pilot or Co-Pilot may double the Shield Rating on one facing (Fore, Aft, Port, Starboard, Dorsal or Ventral) at the expense of losing the Shield Rating on all other facings. It takes another Action to redistribute Shield power.

Dorsal and ventral Quad Heavy Laser Cannons. Short Range. 6 Damage. May be operated manually or slaved to Pilot/Co-Pilot control.

Concealed ventral mounted surface defense Blaster Cannon, permanently slaved to Pilot/Co-pilot control. Short Range. 4 Damage, Rapid Fire. May only be deployed against ground targets in an atmosphere.

Two ST2 Concussion Missile Tubes, each with a 4 round missile rack, Pilot/Co-Pilot control.
ST2 Concussion Missile: Long Range. 8 Damage, Immediate Radius.
Armour Piercing: Halves Armour rating of target for the purposes of calculating damage.

Cargo: 100 Metric tons.

Structural Bracing (+5 Health), Ā Reinforced Hull (+2 Armour). Enhanced Weaponry. Enhanced Hyperdrive. Concealed Cargo Compartments (Illegal). 5 x CEC Class 1 Escape Pods.

Quirks: Rebellious*
The Peregrine is a melting pot of illegal modifications, overcharged power plants manually patched systems. These are prone to malfunctioning at the worst possible moment. Once per game in a Space Combat situation, the GM gets a free Intrusion. This Intrusion can *only* be used to take one of the ships subsystems offline. For example weapons, life support, engines or some other vital system. This system no longer functions until it is repaired.

History: Wolf in Sheeps Clothing*
This ship is far more dangerous than its ramshackle appearance would lead you to believe. On purchase or ship creation, pick three ship systems. These can be shielded from active scans in order to make it appear these systems are far more inferior than they actually are. Any active scan will either beĀ unable to detect the component in question or mistake it as a different component of the same type. For example additional armour plating can be hidden entirely, or a powerful quad cannon appears to be a low powered single laser. However when this ability is being used, it drains power from important subsystems, making all ship related Skill checks one step harder. Only a thorough internal inspection will reveal the true nature of these ship systems.

The above picture is (of course) the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars which is property of Lucasfilm.

Not to mention some of the Millenium Falcon tech specs found on the Star Wars Wikia.

Additional Inspiration from the PDF found here Star Wars In Numenera

*Parts of this article use the Starship Complication rules from ‘Rogue Trader’ the Warhammer 40k RPG from Fantasy Flight Games.

The Cypher System Rulebook is produced by Monte Cook Games. Ā 


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